Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Meet A Bluebelle


how are you?

in london the sun is fighting through the clouds knowing it is to win:) i decided to have an organising day so that i can create & find wonders for the rest of the week. 

a year ago i was spring:)
 today bluebelle will have to do!
Vintage outfit
a bluebelle outfit

vintage dress
grandma's gold heart
top shop gold belt
burberry shoes

obsession I
pink hair
fernanda hin lin ly

obsession II

will elaborate!

the one thing that you have
that nobody else have
is you.
your voice, your mind,
your story, your vision.
so write and draw and build
and play and dance
live as only you can.

-neil gaiman

alice solantania saga

( images of fernanda are from the fashion spot)

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