Thursday, March 19, 2015

Perception of Beauty

it's interesting how experience shapes what one finds beautiful. in 2012 i created this story, the may queen. all the images below were outtakes. i despised the bleeding of the film, it made the work ugly i thought. i was obsessed with my images being perfect. now, 3 years later, a couple of these are my favourites from this series. 

 i have been bleeding. 
and i do not find that ugly.
 in fact i find the journey i have been through to be beautiful.

there was a new beginning in 2012! there is another one happening now:)

this makes me excited:

that you are here -
that life exists & identity;
that the powerful play goes on, 
you may contribute a verse.
- walt whitman, leaves of grass (1892)

the beauty of the may queen by me 
starring vikky ivie 
with adorable help from
mafalda silva 

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