Friday, April 03, 2015


i have found an app i quickly have become addicted to. every morning, the first thing i do is check this place. it shows you exactly what you did 1 year ago, 2 years and so on. it links you to your drop box, facebook, instagram & such places and sources it all for you, even your blog posts:) it also gives you the temperature of the day! last year was way warmer than today:(

this wonder thing is called timehop

here's my april 3rd history:)

1 year ago:

Cherry Blossoms
 of course the blossoms had arrived. this is dulwich village:)

Alice Solantania Saga

Alice Saga
 i wore vintage with grandma's gold heart & burberry flowery shoes

Temperley Gowns
 went to temperley's press day

Flowers from Jamie Aston
was invited to learn how to create beautiful bouquet's at jamie aston's flower school. it was a collaboration together with benetton i remember. my dear jenny came with me.

inspirations i devoured 

i do not know who created these beauties, do you? if so, please let me know so i can credit.

the 3rd of april, 2013
Alice Saga
 moi in a vintage dress & blouse, prada belt & zara skirt.

the flowery moon child was created:) my first time shooting in a studio!
photography & styling by me
Fashion Editorial

The Flowery Moon Child by Alice Solantania Saga
 some inspiration i brought to the shoot:)

 again, if you know of the creators of the above 3 images, let me know:)

afterwards i had a glass of wine and went through some old works. this shoot with natalia vodianova for the new york times style & entertainment issue was one of the first i ever assisted on. mimi lombardo was the stylist & ben watts (yes the brother of the famous naomi) the photographer. i shot a polaroid of her for the clothing credits, she was such a happiness one:) see a little post of it here.
Natalia Vodianova

the 3rd of april, 2012

moi at the claridges. must have been a press appointment here.
Alice Solantania Saga
 the beauty of mary katrantzou. press day for fall 2012!
A Mary Katrantzou dress

inspirations this day:)
A Valentino dress
 valentino ad for spring 12! such beauty
some more inspiration perfection:)

the 3rd of april, 2011

i seemed to play with various apps in 2011:))

 the beauty of swans

Roses & An Owl
 the beauty of roses & owls;))!!!

Garden Evil
this is something that will be attached to the faerie tales of violette one day. sort of a draft 001!

happy easter beautiful people
alice solantania saga

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