Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Beautiful Saturday in Montclair, New Jersey

i had such a brilliant sunshine saturday with my dear friend lily:) she invited me to come visit her in new jersey! for us to have a cute day in montclair devouring antique/ vintage shops before having a picnic at a beautiful garden full of flowers!i found some treasures:) that doll is now mine! i too bought some vintage collage sheets full of cats & flowers and invested in 2 books:) one about colette and one full of painted ballerinas. such beauty!!! lily had created the most delicious chicken salad which is the best one i've ever tasted!!! chicken, grapes, apples, dill, red garlic with some mayo....hallelujah! lily did i forget any ingredient? i am to create this one myself. lily to brought some wonderfully illustrated vintage flower guides. after a long cute conversation we started taking pictures of each other. i have such beautiful images of her.  will show you soon:)

thank you lovely lily for my saturday you treated me to!!!
dolls, ballerinas & flowery music

the doll & vintage sheets with flowers & cats are from a wonderland store called parcel! the ballerina & music sheet are from a vintage books & record store, montclair book center.

parcel perfection:)
Vintage Typewriter

lily at parcel
Parcel Vintage Store

these 2 books are now mine:) from the montclair book center!

that book...!!! neeeeed:)
A Flower Guide

lily will scan this! will show properly then! 
polaroid portraits

can't wait to share my image of lily in her to be adored dress (a dress i happen to own too, funny right?) in front of beautiful pink flowers at this perfection brilliant park.

i had the best day ever
feel so grateful

off to see my friend amanda now. she invited me to join her for her birthday picnic. we are to devour 25 degrees. love that!!!

wish you a sunshine sunday
alice solantania saga


lisa said...

ah yes! thanks for the reminder ♥ i have to send you the full recipe (next email!) but i think you got most of the ingredients ;)

it was a wonderful, perfect day for us!! ♥♥ thank YOU for coming out to nj! you looked super cute! will cherish our pictures together ♥♥ and i'm so happy you found some treasures here to bring back home as a memory! :)

Alice Saga said...

i absolutely devoured that chicken salad:))) thanks! will create at once when back in london!!!

thank you but you looked even cuter in that dress, bag, sunnies & hasbeeens:)) i am getting hasbeens asap:))) forgot about those.

me too, sooooo happy about my treasures. the only ones from my whole trip...!!!! such inspirations for my work. need to figure out the photoshop with the collages to put my own images ontop:) layers layers layers.

much love to you lily! such a marvellous day we are to have. xxxx