Tuesday, May 26, 2015

See You Soon Again Wonderfully Lovely New York!


this is my last day in new york! boarding the plane 6.30 pm today only to be back in london am tmrw. these past 2 weeks has been the best i have had in years. i truly belong here. not only is this city amazing it too consists of some of my dearest loveliest closest friends & i have missed these creatures so much. for 2 weeks i have spent every single day with someone dear:))) i was scared that i would miss my dear late friend nils horner tremendously ( we shared an apartment for 5 years on the upper west side and became one of my closest ones), but instead what happened was that my brain focused on the fact that because of this wonderful place, he became part of my life and that has been & is a huge blessing. so there was almost no sadness over him not being here or at least somewhere on our planet. while i am at it i want to send love to his sister ingrid. anyways there has been loads of wine, 2 picnics, coney island, jersey & long long walks all over manhattan, american television with whole foods dinner at the jane every single night:) my home for a second time around. i love the jane:))))  this morning i created a last morning walk along the hudson river to say good bye to the statue of liberty. this image below is last photo i took from my most dearest wonderful birthday trip:) thanks to my mom and aunt! i love you both so much!

thanks all whom took the time to see me. you guys have put so many sunshine smiles to my face!!!

bye new york 
see you soon
Hudson River, New York

sometimes the
bad things that happen
in our lives put
us directly on the path
to the best
things that will ever
happen to us.

see you in london:)
alice solantania saga

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