Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Flower Faerie Cheeky Outtake:)

jag älskar dig mamma!

it's mother's day in sweden so needed to start this post by saying that i love her:))) very very much! puss o kram till dig från london! hoppas du har en fin dag.

after yesterday's shoot i played with picmonkey! this image is an outtake (meaning i will probably not use it on my fine art photography to come site), just so you know. i just needed one to play with since my self portraits is also to learn more magic in photoshop & sites like monkey:) not sure if it uploads right here on blogspot?! hopefully i will soon be blogging on my own platform where the images comes out beautifully. as you can see.....i had (much) fun last night with stickers, filters and things! 

my faeries are full of joy

i leave you with some anaïs nin:

i always endowed madness
with a sacred, poetic value,
a mystical value. it seemed
to me to be a denial of
ordinary life, an effort to
transcend it, expand, to go
far before the limitations of
the human condition.

diaries of anaïs nin 
volume 1 1931-1934

transcend, expand & create poetry

i wish you a beautiful sunday
alice solantania saga

(quote found on pinterest)

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