Monday, May 04, 2015

A Sugar Plum Faerie Candy Tale


on my way to create faerie 3:) just had my make up done and put outfit 1 on, done my packing and am now finishing this blog post i started yesterday. did some playing with photoshop & various programs  this weekend . one of the images i created the other day certainly became a pink fluff candy land:) 

Pink Cherry Blossoms & Alice Solantania Saga

outfit 1 for today's flower faerie:)


blondie of absolute vintage dress w/ lace
top shop flower headband
screaming mimis bangles
wolford stockings
office green as in envy ballerinas

mac violette rouge

today's mood board for poses
vintage ballet

i am deeply loved,
divinely appointed,
abundantly equipped, and
profoundly cherished by
god. no enemy plan,
scheme, or obstacle can
keep me from god's
highest and best will for
me. as i follow the voice
of my saviour, i see the
invisible, accomplish the 
impossible, and love the
unlovable. i am a living-
breathing miracle because
jesus christ lives in me!

- susie larson

i am a living breathing miracle 
the queen of sweets;0)!

you too are a living miracle
devour that


alice solantania saga

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