Saturday, May 02, 2015

An Adorable Outfit & A Blooming Morning Walk in Dulwich


i had such a beautiful morning. pure visual perfection! 

i too listened to several interesting pod casts. there is one person i adore whom creates wonderful interviews, kristoffer triumf (one for swedish speaking people & another one in english)! i highly recommend him, you'll get to learn about so many wonderful people and there lives. 

now =  off to plan my 3rd faerie whom might happen tomorrow or monday. it depends on the weather & if i feel ready to create another one so soon (i mean sunshine happened yesterday).

what are you up to lovely people:)???

vintage outfit

vintage outfit

vintage quirky outfit
an adorable outfit 

blondie of absolute vintage 30's tea dress
grandma's gold heart
office ballerinas
top shop yellow cardie
beyond retro candy cardie

from this mornings walk:)

peckham rye common

cox's walk of dulwich woods
church & woods

dulwich woods
bluebell flowers

a wonderful cherry blossom tree/ garden in dulwich
Cherry Blossom Garden

the garden of dulwich picture gallery
Cherry Blossoms

my dream house in dulwich village
Blossom Garden

some beautiful blooms 

i wish you all a beautiful weekend
alice solantania saga

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