Monday, May 11, 2015

To Make Living Itself An Art, That Is The Goal

whoever uses
the spirit
that is in him
is an artist.
to make
living itself
an art,
that is the 


got my scanner back finally. not 100 perfect! will see what i'll do about this. anyways, i scanned some polaroids i have taken lately on my location scouting days. i think the creamy colors are wonderfully perfect:) today we have 20 degrees here in london so i am about to run out to devour sunshine and live my life like a painting. 

the isabella plantation
Isabella Plantation

the beauty of dulwich
Cherry Blossom tree

Cherry Blossoms

A polaroid of Dulwich cherry blossoms

the opening of dulwich woods in the spring
Dulwich Wood

Alice Saga

Alice Solantania Saga
wore this when meeting my love jenny at the columbia road flower market:) had a splendid wonderful time with 2 glasses of wine to finish it off:)

victorian dress from a vintage fair in new york
antique cross necklace from an antique shop on madison avenue
office ballerinas

peonies perfection at the market:)
Pink Peonies

tomorrow i will be here:)))
New York
from my trip in 2013! it's when my obsession for the mother of the dragon started:)) this collage i created september 5th of 2013

one reason i was here in 13 was because i covered some shows backstage for crash magazine, you can see some images here.

happy sunshine monday to you all
alice solantania saga


lisa said...

the creamy colors are perfect :)) that's the thing about polaroids, you don't quite know what kind of colors you will get out of the photograph until it develops! which makes it seem like a very magical process ♥ and of course, that makes sense why your photos remind me of watercolor paintings!!

ahh peonies, another favorite of mine ♥

thanks for sharing this little piece of information ♥~ and so i read through your old posts when you were in new york! it all seems like such an amazing experience!!! especially being able to go backstage...was it just a one-time thing or will you be able to do this again in the future? also, i know jaclyn! :) haha small world...i haven't kept in touch with her recently though since she started her acting career. i wonder what she's up to.

looking forward to our meet soon ♥ ♥ ♥

Alice Saga said...

the i know...:)) somtimes wonderful and sometimes not so much! what i find is thatvsometimes after a while the misstakes becomes my all time loves:)��

the backstage thing was not very pleasant so for me to do that again it would need to be done differently. i am Very Happy that i jumped in to this adventure though. all the girls are so wonderful:))) will tell you a tiny thing though when we meet haha:))) much much love to you! i am HERE:)))) saturday can't wait!!! xxxx