Friday, May 08, 2015

You Don't Have A Life; You Are Life!


it's been such a friday. woke up, got some soy milk to create a soy latte while packing & putting some glitter to my face. of course got dressed in my sunshine dress...then off to kew gardens it was. i did have a specific location in mind but decided to try this other place first that i ran in to the other day. this place proved magic. so happy i stayed open instead of just going with my plan. treated myself to this wonderful rooibos rhubarb sweet tea at one of this gardens restaurants:) while devouring all the happy people surrounding me. 

we are life. play with that!

You Are Life

you are not separate from the whole. 
you are one with the sun, the earth, the air. 
you don't have a life. 
you are life.

you are life

today's outfit for the sunshine faerie
Alice Solantania Saga

yesterday's violette bluebell faerie:)
Alice Solantania Saga

played with photoshop & picmonkey after today's flower sunshine flower faerie:) not sure if they are uploading up properly here on blogspot!? 
Alice Solantania Saga

Alice Solantania Saga

happy friday beautiful creatures
alice solantania saga

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