Friday, June 26, 2015

Forever Börjar Nu

forever börjar nu
forever börjar nu
forever börjar nu

a wonderful thursday in richmond

it started with a beautiful morning listening to a fave podcast of mine by filip & fredrik illuminating the world:))) then off it was to richmond for some location scouting. did not find an single spot but did find a glorious lavender bouquet for me to pluck:))) i need to create with it to say thanks to the universe. what on earth shall i do??? maybe it should belong to my flower of the faeries? anyways, afterwards i went to the white swan (wonderful wonderful staff by the way) to sit outside learning some photoshop techniques. had a snack at whole foods (not a very healthy snack hahaha as you can see...very pink though).

came home to dulwich & adopted 3 more girls
you will devour them soon

then a glass of wine at franklins  happened
coming home to this!
such beauty:)
The Gardens in East Dulwich

i was filled with poison
blessed with beauty and rage

nu börjar forever
wish me the beauty
the faerie tales of violette

alice solantania saga

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