Saturday, June 27, 2015

Trust The Magic Of New Beginnings


happy saturday to you!!! for me saturday means the dulwich market, organising some more in my house before devouring a glass of wine at franklins while planning my next characters! the bride & the milkmaid plus what might be my last faerie...we'll at least for 2015:) 

trust the magic of candy cute brilliance

you know:
it's time
to start something
the magic of beginnings

forever börjar nu
Zara dress
outfit for a to be milkmaid living green having picnics

zara dress
antique cross necklace
office living green ballerinas;0)!!!

my inspiration now is created by mr. steven meisel for italian vogue in 2008 and called living green.
the milk maid
A Milk Maid
i wanna be her
 hang out with this crowd:)
john carter
this story is from 1973 and photographed by john carter for petticoat.
 found this lovely image on the blog get some vintage-a-peel 

love to you all
alice solantania saga


Anonymous said...

I'm in the Bishop if you fancy a quick glass of wine?

lisa said...

i like your livejournal link~ i wasn't a member of noir facade but i remember coming across it back in the day! looking forward to your milkmaid photos!! i think if you were to take a road trip out to pennsylvania and visit the amish country side in america, you might find this crowd? ;) have you seen 'electrick children'? the living green editorial reminded me a bit of that movie ♥

Alice Saga said...

that movie looks amazing lovely you:)))) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

so would love the roadtrip mademoiselle! i need someone to do these things with though. especially since i do not drive:) hallelujah. millions of love to you my inspiration! xxx