Friday, July 10, 2015

A Butterfly Faerie Creation Day


on my way to richmond  to create another faerie, i was blessed with finding a sunshine location yesterday while exploring the park of richmond! this park is pure heaven actually, full of deers and spacespacespace to breathe and think! after creating i am to devour dazed & confused which for the summer issue has 2 amazing editorials in it:) that with a glass of wine by the thames devouring our to be 26 degrees:))) 

we are alive wonderful readers!

meaning and morality of one's life come from within oneself. healthy, storing individuals seek self expansion by experimenting and by living dangerously. life consists of an infinite number of possibilities and the healthy person explores as many of them as possible. religions that teach pity, self-contempt, humility, self-restraint and guilt ar incorrect. the good life is ever changing, challenging, devoid of regret, intense, creative and risky.

yesterday's outfit
An Outfit

Alice Solantania Saga

an outfit for sunshine location scouting

paul & joe baby doll silk with lace embroidery dress
ida sjostedt bloomers
antique cross necklace
screaming mimis bangles
ecco sandal

today i am created another faerie but i am thinking about other adventures as you may know! one is the butterfly girl. this collage i created about 2 years ago when making a collage a day was a 365 day project, i called the butterflies:)

happy beautiful friday to you
stay kind
alice solantania saga

(Images in my collage that are not by me are taken from my pinterest (re-pinned)& tumblr (re-blogged), please let me know if I have used your image and you want to be credited and I will do asap!)

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