Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Summer Flower Faerie Polkagris Friday In London;0)!

very happy about yesterday's summer flower faerie shoot:) these are outtakes and raw raw raw (meaning no work has been done on them). halleulujah what a struggle yesterday was, but am SO proud of myself to stick with what i wanted to create & not giving up no matter what. you see, when i came to my location it was crowded with police cars and obviously police men plus other people and a bright red helicopter...!!! i needed the flowers and me without all that. some angles here too shows houses & a highway. but after trying & playing around a tiny bit they finally left:))) that took 40 minutes though and a shoot like this for me usually takes a total of 20! was it to test my patience hahaha:))) as my closest know...this is not a strenght i possess.

the summer flower faerie
Summer Fairy

Summer Fairy

Summer Flower Fairy

photographed a last image of me in my friday outfit:)
Alice Solantania Saga
the dried lavender bouquet i am carrying i found on a bench in richmond about a week ago and it brought me such happiness for me to find. i saw it as a gift from god and i knew i would use it for special things. i am too to use it for my characer gredelin gr├Ąddnos:)

the helicopter leaving:))
thank you!
Richmond Park

meet polkagris
my creation day outfit
Polkagris Cuteness
vintage dress
office green as in envy ballerinas

much love to you all
happy saturday
alice solantania saga


lisa said...

these photos are STUNNING!!! ♥ ♥ the dried lavender bouquet~ i love it when things like that happen, indeed it was a gift for you haha i understand the struggle when other people get in the way of your creations ;)

Alice Saga said...

LOVELY:)))) so HAPPY you like them!!! you just made my saturday beautiful person:))!!! yes that bouquet was such a gift to me:) much love to you! xxx