Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Summer Sunshine Flowery Faerie Rushing Rivers Wednesday:)


how are you? i hope you are having a lovely wednesday:)!? here in dulwich i've created a long walk while listening to 2 summer talks from the swedish radio.....first up was by a wonderful war correspondent/ journalist terese christianson whom had me cry i think 5 times during her talk, about such abundance of unfairness in our world! mostly towards women and children. second to that i listened to bea √•kerlund, the famous stylist of madonna & lady gaga. bea's story was very different to the former talk but i loved hearing her life journey:))

came home and prepared this evening's dinner! which is to be an iranian eggplant and chicpea stew with a coconut almond sauce.

 now =  me & lightroom! can someone just give me all the knowledge i need via a glass of wine or something like that:)??? anyways, came across the above image and i like it! the colors of kew gardens in the spring is pure magic. and of course i am the sunshine prima faerie ballerina!

did you see my last flower faerie? anyways, the image below is from when i found the dried lavender bouquet in richmond and i felt like i had been given such a magic gift from god. such happiness i felt that day.

a taste from that shoot:)

it's from a former blog post and one can view a couple of other outtakes from this series here!

today's perfection thought is by victoria erickson:

"passion and purpose and full-fledged living feel right to me. however - passion and purpose an full fledged living are never tidy or tame, tepid or perfect. they demand a bit of mess and wildness and surrender. they want your rushing river, your spills, your drive, and your need. they want your aliveness. they don't care about logic. 
they need your heartbeat."

tomorrow i am to meet my new friend for lunch:) a wonderful inez! what are you up to? hopefully something to devour:)
alice solantania saga


lisa said...

The recipe you linked to looks delicious!! :3 I have to try it out sometime soon since it must be eggplant season! I saw various types of eggplant being sold at the market recently. Hope you have a lovely lunch day ♥ ♥

Alice Saga said...

it was delicious:) i took away the dried apricots though since i really do not like those! plus next time instead of eggplant i will be trying it with broccoli:))) hope you too had a lovely lunch or am to have one today! xx