Monday, September 14, 2015

A Lazy Wonderful East Dulwich & Herne Hill Sunday


how are you? how was your weekend? happy monday!!!

yesterday was perfection! no make up. comfortable clothes. hair in braids. morning walk finding my widow location. herne hill market. finding inspiration while organising my house. franklins with all sunday newspapers with fashion supplements (yes fashion week is happening) while at the same time starting to think about my contribution to the swedish church journal
clockwise from top left:

me:) my minnie mouse kisses t from urban outfitters with a pair of very old corduroy ralph by ralph lauren shorts. my location for a mourning widow whom is to wear only black for coming 365 days. at franklins with all to devour. herne hill market perfection:))

a corner of my house:))

treasures from herne hill market and spyware vintage

this creature IS the boss!!! always on a mission:)))

from the swedish church journal. i always love the words of michael persson whom is the head minister.

ta emot livets poesi. det väljer jag!
- michael persson

see her? my mourning black widow that is!

that you are here-
that life exists and identity,
that the powerful play goes on,
and you may contribute a verse.

contribute your verse beautiful people

alice solantania saga

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