Sunday, September 13, 2015

She Once Had Great Expectations

the bride
Great Expectations
a taste from yesterday's shoot

i have created quite a few various types of brides (child bride, corpse bride). it is an obsession that has lasted for about 10 years (the dress i am wearing above can be seen here in a blogpost i created in 2012) and it is still going strong. what really had me fall in love though with the idea of the bride was bbc's adaptation of great expectations (ex. here, here, here, here). i fell madly in love with dickens mrs (miss) havisham and gillian anderson. it's too the only movie i own 2 or 3 versions of.  this character is all about loosing all of ones once had dearly held expectations. and about refusing to be honest about it. to live in denial. to live in envy. to live in decay forever until death do us part.

"love her, love her, love her! if she favours you, love her. if she wounds you, love her! if she tears your heart to pieces- and as it gets older and stronger, it will tear deeper - love her, love her. love her!" 

yes mademoiselle havisham is beauty to me

 love me love me love me

the beauty of decay
roses from my corpse bride shoot. 

alice solantania saga


 a next endeavour
to devour

some spellworks is to be created

hear my desire
it burns 
like a fire

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