Monday, September 07, 2015

Diary 271: An Antique Greenhouse Fashion Weekend & A Monday Outfit


happy monday to you all!!!

i had a cuteness wonder weekend! how was yours?

mine started with an art class, mainly creating a collage. i did not finish mine since it took almost the whole 2 hours we had to just choose what to put on my collage. i decided on a faerie tales of violette theme so painted a whole sheet of paper this color with oil pastels (purple and lots lots of white). i am to finish it off this week while devouring franklins one of these afternoons.

so the start of my weekend

both saturday & sunday i have been going through all my books and sorting them by themes. found such a dear audrey hepburn book (awful cover but such inspirations inside...) and a book about diana's wedding to prince charles

new inspiration for a character this is:)))
audrey in the nun!

the below images are from the royal wedding book
in the wedding book this wonderful painting was featured by philippe mercier called the music room.

princess alexandra of denmark getting married.
such beauty!
so my saturday morning was doing the above. afterwards i needed to stretch my legs and in the early hours i had noticed that they were setting things up in peckham rye park so thought i should go and discover what:)! a little tiny cute antiques/ crafts/ food market was happening!

fell in love with spy ware vintage

this violette doll was found at another stall

from the lovely lady whom owns spy ware vintage i found out about a sunday market at herne hill which is a 30 min. walk from my house as it happens. so decided that herne hill was to be my sunday:)

this place! such wonders:) the flower lady it's called. it's right in the middle of herne hills sunday market.

at this market you can find anything from vinyls, crabs, cakes, local brewed beer, cheeses, sausages, vintage clothing etc etc etc. 

loved the cakes at cakehole

the man at the fish stall was just wonderfully hilarious. 

the park of brockwell is right next to the market. such a place to wonder about taking pictures. here is a tiny wild flower garden.

the walled garden

the community greenhouse garden

so my weekend was basically art inspirations, flowers & parks together with vintage/ antiques. things i adore love! things to capture in order to never forget my moments.

today i have been location scouting, for once i dressed up for it! it's too been photoshop learning and a hilarious morning walk with alex & sigge plus filip & fredrik.

a school girl outfit

 vintage school girl dress
grandma's gold heart which is a gift from my aunt
office flats

the locations scouting girl

added vintage screaming mimis sunnies & 2 hoodies from primark.

see the cat?:)))) ALWAYS EVERYWHERE in the gardens!

with love
alice solantania saga


lisa said...

wow, princess alexandra of denmark's wedding dress is gorgeousss!!

ahh! I want to visit this magical market some day, filled with beautiful delights and sweets. i will be on the search for something like that here in the states! nice to see you had a happy vintage shopping adventure :))

Alice Saga said...

i know:)))))) need that dress mademoiselle!! looks like it is full of flowers right:)? yes i love as you know antiques and vintage thingies so it was good. did not buy a single thing though which is sort of a miracle!!! love to you/xxx