Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A Magic Bride Candy Cake Nymph day

this is how you
create your own
artful aliveness:
everything is a
blank page. a new
beginning. an
opportunity. a
flawlessly timed
lesson. there is
always possibilities
in both great pain
and exquisite

see my magic bride? 

went to this magic place the other day. by chanche when going to the food store i saw this opening in to only god knew what & it was such a devouring moment:) i just saw her there. all in innocence white completety lost. is this the path to be?

you see
she once had
great expectations

after all of this


went home to become a candy cake 60's nymph:)

the loved one 60's dress
grandma's gold heart
burberry violette flowery flats 

how is your week going? i hope you are having an adoring wednesday. i am to plan the journey of my magicially beautiful bride.

create your own artful aliveness

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