Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Am I Said

i am, i said, to no one there. and no one heard at all, not even the chair. i am, i cried. i am, said i. and i am lost, and i can't even say why, leavin' me lonely still.
- neil diamond

i am i said
green magic
in search of magic
 dulwich woods

 in search of meaning i am on a constant journey to find magic. someone long time ago told me to go find beauty in order to understand the whole and one's own littlness while at the same time understand one's part of this magic whole which is such blessedness. believe me it helps in all difficulties of being worried about unpaid bills and maybe not having enough money to buy the food one wants. and at the same time heal.

i went to richmond today. and anthony robbins fell in to my lap, almost literally:) someone had left one of his books outside her/ his house for anyone to grab. i love this! i have found so many treasures this way. anyways, i have followed tony robbins for some time now, basically listened to every single podcast where he has been a guest. he is such an inspiration. hopefully this awaken the giant within will help me as it seem to have done to so many others:)!!! neil diamond's beautiful song (linked it to a beautiful youtube live performance) was quoted in anthony's book, it was a song when he was at an alltime low, this song was playing. that same evening he decided to take back charge of his life and to fulfill all his dreams and desires. he was all alone and just created this master journey. on his own.

 richmond a while ago
Isabella Plantantation
 a day in april 
a day of creating instead of searching for magic
richmond beauty it is


today's stylish look;0)!
 at kew gardens

 primark hoodies & jumpers
 paul & joe sister butterfly print dress
alexander mcqueen scull scarf
ecco sandals

with my beloved canon rebel t2i camera

a gift from my aunt a few years back

the isabella plantation is happening tomorrow

i wish you an abundance wednesday

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