Monday, September 28, 2015

The Faerie Tales of Violette

hello beautiful creatures

a starting of a new chapter
gold angel

a few weeks ago at franklins


jessie dunne as photographed & styled by me
the love is wearing an alexandra grecco dress

the nymphette
Jessie Dunne

my valentino satin top with lace 
paired with my
vintage butterfly find from the classic carboot sale
pink flowery butterflies

this adorable doll my lovely friend lily helped me find by taking me to jersey
this day was part of a 2 week journey that was the happiest time this year and many years back.

same thingy:) thanks lily beautiful!

doodling away
let's be valentines:)))
doodle drawing

a constant at the moment. going through my house and finding endless inspirations.

roses roses roses

this album by lavender diamond was a gift from a wonderful timothy when he was visiting me in sweden in 2007! (a lavender diamond video here)
oh i must be on the side of the lord:))) hallelujah haha!!!
i must be on the side of the lord

some quotes i love love love
seize this minute

Bride & Groom

child in time 
by me for crash magazine
sophia @select  wears a paul & joe dress, fogal lace socks & prada gold platforms
this is an outtake & and an iphone photo
jenny tallberg was my dear assistant
Child in Time

i have been in this dear place called the gardens 6 years now. so many adorably cuteness cats i have captured...!!! is this not perfection???
cat cuteness

hello to you too!
The Gardens East Dulwich

Alice Saga's Home

april of 2015

i had some of my instagram photos printed out.
the faerie tales of violette
Works by Alice Solantania Saga

my world

East Dulwich
Peckham Rye Common

alice solantania saga
i am to fill this notebook with ideas

it's been another weekend. some new things has happened in my life. a lot of difficulties that i am not to bore you with...trying to block that out in order to focus on some positives that is happening. on friday i started an art class (faerie tales of violette perfection) that is to happen every friday for 10 weeks and 3 hours each time:))) too, afterwards i have a ballerina class with a lovely lady teaching. this means me learning together with some other wonderful girls!!! i am to devour my fridays. while back home i baked a vegan gluten free banana cake:) saturday i went to a meet up which i have been to twice before, it's a water color class with a beautiful teacher, yen. for some reason i tend to paint birds. yen actually mentioned this and it had me think. because even the day before they were present. maybe i am longing for freedom. light as a feather. freeing me. to what? to where? and how? these are my questions.  where are my answers? sunday! all alone. but with millions of pods:))) devouring these at the moment: serial, reply all, tim ferris, npr and alex & sigge.

today was awaken at 5am to work on my website then at 6am i was out to devour the woods. afterwards i've been practicing drawing and working on this blog post. now i still have most of the day left to explore, create & learn. 

what are you up to? or have been up to this weekend?

the winter wonderland below i captured on the Only day it snowed here in london:))) i was SO excited because i was first to enter this magic which = no foot prints!!! it was pure. maybe i was lucky, it was a sunday at 6am and maybe only i would be so crazy to be up at that hour. went straight home after this and worked some magic on it with exposure.
definitely part 
Dulwich Wood
tomorrow i'll show you some images from my weekend
so much beauty in this world
just keep your eyes opened
alice linda solantania violette saga

en ängels blomster kärlek

collage created by me!


"i have eaten fairy bread
and i have drunk fairy wine
and i've danced in a fairy-ring
among the eglantine

the fairies have enchanted me
and that is how i know
when i look out upon the sea
where the waves blow

that it isn't any wind at all
that stirs them to a froth
but just a laughing elfin sprite
dancing the north

and that is how i always hear
down in the singing brook
a maiden's voice imprisoned where
the willows lean to look

and the willow, she's a princess
although she seems a tree
and all the flowers talk at night
just like you and me

this may seem strange to your mind
but it isn't strange to mine
for i have eaten fairy bread and
drunk the fairies wine."


(images that are not by me are taken from my pinterest (re-pinned)& tumblr (re-blogged), please let me know if I have used your image and you want to be credited and I will do asap! plus PLEASE let me know if you know what faerie book the above quote is from )

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