Monday, October 12, 2015

A Fall Weekend in East Dulwich, London

happy monday:)

the weather of fall is wonderful here in london. such beauty. the colours are changing. mornings are coldly magically misty. weekends has farmers markets going on in every corner & a new life of sorts is happening. do you feel it?

a weekend of mine
Sexby Garden Magic
i have a new obsession. the above perfection is now happening in peckham rye common and its sexy garden. this is my first destination on my very early morning walk, every day at the moment. i went back there today to take proper raw photos with my rebel t2i canon (this is a samsung galaxy photo).

a little collage of loveliness
clockwise from top left:
 at my art class friday am. organic eggs from north cross road saturday market (oligabeggs). the gardens now:)) the COLOURS! me, basically my whole weekend look.

saturday am i went to the market of horniman museum. met a lovely lady whom just started up a company with a friend selling things from their own gardens:) love the name: pretty + planterly
pretty planterly

pumpkins beauty. too found at the horniman museum's saturday farmers market.

gluten free/ dairy free wonders
horniman's saturday market
Michelle's Bakery

sunday breakfast. will create again. delish. found the recipe in the book "hemsley hemsley; the art of eating well". love the photo!!!
Amaranth Porridge & Pudding

i am love
from my art class on friday
photographed it when back home
Alice Saga Art

Soft Pastel Art Work

"the highest 
purpose of
art is to
inspire. what
else can you
do? what
else can you
do for
anyone but
inspire them?"

i am a dream
Fine Art Photography Self-Portrait
self portrait by me

alice solantania violette saga

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