Thursday, October 08, 2015

"Liberty In Fashion" At The Fashion & Textile Museum Opens Tomorrow

i was invited to preview the wonderful exhibition
at the 
this past monday.

i fell in love

it's a story of the legendary shop liberty. a store found by arthur lasenby liberty 140 years ago. arthur's ambition was to create new fashion rather than follow the existing styles. the development of liberty "art colours" and the production of its own fabrics in great britian ensured that his vision would become reality. 

such an entrepreneur 

 if you are in london anytime from tomorrow to february 28th 2016, go devour:))) 

such inspirations! such millions to learn from a visionary.

here are some amazing inspirations i captured (with not the best functioning iphone) at this beautifully curated exhibition.  for my own use/ inspiration for later use in regards to various projects i am working on. 

my fave spot was at the top floor. i met with the wonderfully talented sarah campbell whom has created this space called "the art of pattern" which features the work she did together with her sister susan collier ( 1937-2011) during the years 1961-77 for liberty in london prints.

Liberty London

Liberty London

Liberty London

Liberty London

Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell Susan Collier


Floral Pattern Fabric Swatches Liberty London
Floral Pattern Fabric Swatches Liberty London

liberty in fashion

sketches, smock dresses together with 30's beauties, 60's and all else under the sun.
yes that is how this exhibition 
fashion sketches for liberty london

Liberty London

love adore love adore
Liberty's London Spring 1937

Smock Dress

Smock Dress Craft Detail

the craft!
Children's Smock Vintage Liberty Dresses

Thirties Liberty Dresses

do i see marc jacobs ca 2005 here?

would i devour this in my closet?
the answer would be 
A Liberty London Sixties Dress

liberty in fashion

highly recommended this exhibiton dear lovely alice wonderland readers. i too hope you get to meet the lovely mademoiselle sarah campbell if you visit.

thanks josie at felicities for inviting me to this beautifully created exhibition.

alice solantania saga


lisa said...

Wow! so much floral LOVELINESS!!! altho, can i not expect any less from liberty?! lucky you :) i would love to visit someday but will appreciate your photos for now, thanks for sharing the beauty xx

Alice Saga said...

yes that room full of fabrics and swatches was SO wonderful to view. and you whom loves loves flowers so much. yes that was lucky me. so much to be grateful for, thanks for reminding me:)