Wednesday, November 04, 2015


art studio
my art table at the moment:)

wearing a gunne sax dress from beyond retro & a 50's apron from threads in peckham.

i am to create my next character tomorrow or early next week. when depends on the weather (NO RAIN PLEEEEASE)!!! she is based on my grandmother:)  her name was vera andersson and she was a farmer's wife loving her cows, chickens (all 50 of them), horse & cat. a wonderful bondmora, as we call it in sweden. it is our saga.

"vårt liv är en vindfläkt,
en saga, en dröm

en droppe faller
i tidernas ström

den skimrar i regnbågens färg
en minut

brister och faller 
och drömmen är slut

i am playing with the idea of creating a classic portrait, the way they did back in the late 1800's. or at least the way i have it in my mind they used to do it. there is no images of my grandma from her being a young farmer's wife which was in the 40's & 50's, not even from the 60's. back then to have ones photo taken, you were part of the upper class i am assuming!? the only photo i know of her being young is the wedding photo to my grandfather.

i hope to bring her love with this story

alice solantania saga

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