Monday, November 09, 2015

A Strawberry Girl Playdate;0)!

playing around in photoshop & exposure at the moment. 

here are the real colors except from one thing.
guess what?
 created magically red strawberries:)

it's funny how this little story feels so old, i mean it was created late march of this year. i guess that is how it is and feels when you are constantly on to the next story!

 the story:
she was supposed to be the good girl sharing strawberries to the world. but after having plucked these beauties all day she was tired plus starving so in the end she decided to devour them all to herself. gorging loving:)

the photo i chose to capture my strawberry girl/ story can be viewed here! in a lovely diary post i created on april 1st of this year.

obsession now

"and now i'm in water
surrounded by flowers
whose petals i've cried
over hours and hours.
my heart has grown heavy
and i'm starting to sink,
my hair turns to willow,
my eyes cherry-bloss pink,
returning to flowers 
is all i can think.
from out of my chest
 sprout blue hollyhocks
all round me is silent 
but the sound of a clock
and the roll of the water
 as it circles my face
like translucent lace;
the veil of my watery pall."

a next characther!
 ophelia or something like it.
time for art practice:)
i wish you a beautiful day

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