Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Christmas Week Full of Magic & Happiness


a perfection christmas week i have had:)) my aunt with stepfather came to visit me here in london. i organised a wonderful christmas lunch. i loved creating it!!! i need more of these sorts of things in my life. i love having people come over,  so that i can treat them. i was gifted with so many wonderfully cute conversations together with a perfection list on spotify full of beautiful christmas songs:)) after the starter and the lunch we created a tiny walk in peckham rye park before having some coffee with baileys and cookies:)) i am so blessed to have been gifted this day!!! 

 i have some more angels in my house after christmas:))
thanks my dear aunt & stepfather
 before they came i needed to open day 24 in my victorian advent calendars
 the gift of mine to my family:)) see the gift above?
the magic of violette's faerie tale

my garden always full of magic
hey you wonder!!

some morning walks during christmas...!!! 
hahaha!!! no i am not making any sense.
but who cares?

how different a few months can create:)))
tomorrow is new years eve:)))
lots of love to all of you

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