Monday, January 04, 2016

2015 Inspirations & A Beginning of 2016


i thought i was gonna give you a view of my 2015 but got stuck among all the inspirations i found for my fine art photography characters:) & a million of beautiful quotes. will start with sharing some of these before heading in to month by month of my life of creating a 2015.

stephen mackey

frederick bacon

stephen mackey

sadly i do not know most of the creators whom has created the above images, if you do please let me know whom to credit:)!? thanks!!!

now some beautiful truths:))

 holstee manifesto

swami rama tirtha

a quirkiness beginning of a new year

morning in dulwich woods

that we are here:)))



Hathimerent said...

good post! like you blog!

Alice Saga said...

thank you:)))