Wednesday, December 02, 2015

My Tuesday Art Class & Some Angelic Magic

i am so blessed to have found the artclasses and ballet classes that southwark (my part of london) organizes. it's very affordable (cheap actually because it is funded by the government) and full of beautiful souls. yesterday's tuesday still life art class was the last one for this semester. i just wish there was NO break. i can not wait for january. i adore my teacher, joanna (she is the one with the violette shade in her hair). check her work here!!! before yesterday's class we had been told to bring something that we find special/ personal to us so that we could create a still life with our special things. i brought violette:)))) they all loved her haha!!! and some focused only on her actually. for ex. my friend polly (sitting next to joanna). so did the lovely lady michelle, this lovely lady always gives  amazing ideas on all sorts of things..for ex. places to devour in london.  michelle is the one with the wonderful smile to the right. for our last class this semester we all brought some things to enjoy for lunch. it was such a delight. i devour my time learning and being around these people. don't you love polly's creation of my violette in the image on the lower right, her's is on the right. i had by then moved on to another painting which i usually do at the end of class creating my endless girls in the clouds:)))

polly starting the violette homage:))

my little work station:)))
together with the feet of joanna haha!!!

our studio yesterday:)) the painting to the right is by michelle.  see violette??? mine is to the left)

came home to my advent calendars:))) day 1 was happening!!!
i bought 3 of them on my birthday. a gift to myself. the company creating these victorian style ones are called the richard sellmer verlag and is based out of germany. mine was found in the magic shop of pollock's toyshop:) it's where i get my beautiful angel scraps actually for my collages.

that was my tuesday!!!

some things happens every day though!

2 of my practices are

  ballet & photoshop
this image is part of a series i call i am a dream. today i played in photoshop & created the magic of the 3 angels. the faerie tales of violette's world.

remember beautiful people:

keep true to the rare music in
your heart, to the marvellous and
unique form that is and shall
always be nothing else but you.

house of leaves


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