Thursday, November 26, 2015


magic is a constant on my mind 
to live magically

fairy tale

yesterday i went to central london for a meeting and was early so of course i dove into my fave book stores on piccadilly, hatchards & waterstones. the magic & inspirations of books is such a world of wonder. i always crave millions of books for my house. to top it all off i ended up in a vintage magazine store where i found the most beautiful vogue from 1972. finally it was 1pm for my meeting which was devouring a fairy tale. will tell more in the future.

the beautiful floral illustrations are from a stunning book by pierre-joseph redouté, published by taschen as is the magic book by noel daniel. the rabbit in the violette dress is from a magic book called the visitors and it is by charlotte cory & the wonder lois fuller dancing away is from the book the metamorphosis of loïe fuller.


somewhere between what she
survived, and who she was becoming,
was exactly where she was meant to 
be. she was starting to love the
journey. and find the comfort in the
quiet corners of her wildest dreams.
they say people don't change....well,
she wasn't always this way. even if
she didn't change the entire world,
she would change her part of it. and
she would affect the people she
shared it with. a butterfly whose
wings have been touched, can indeed
still fly. whether something was
meant to be, or meant to leave,
didn't matter as much anymore. she
would soak up the sun, kiss the
breeze, and she would fly

i wish you a magician thursday
stay brilliant

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