Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Creative Mademoiselle Potter Life


it's been a week of dreamy creation. despite this dreary weather situation it has been a week of wonders. i can recommend more than highly to take part in an art class:)) it brings such joy to ones life. do what you love and do it often beautiful creatures!

this week has been cats, art, ballet & my white lady:) mornings in the woods and afternoon breaks in the wild garden of peckham rye park.

alice solantania saga

i live for my art class as taught by the lovely wonderful
my friday class was to explore creating egg tempera. such much FUN we had!!!
ultra violet:))) = YES!

at work:)

end of class!
such fun i had exploring:)) thanks joanna!!!

i am too featured in our local magazine in dulwich, se22:) 
i have 
the last word
in its february issue
alice saga

alice saga interview
perfection to be featured in the valentines issue:)
thanks angela!!!

 my afternoon breaks are spent here
the beauty of peckham rye park's wild garden
wild flower garden

my voice sometimes;0)))) 
i can only say

a tiny glimpse of my week:)

whoever uses
the spirit
that is in him
is an artist.
to make 
living itself
an art,
that is the

- henry miller

i wish you a wonderful sunday
with love

a couple of more things:

yesterday really did end last night
today is a new day
it is all yours:)

-zig ziglar

remember that whatever you create, how you look etc what your ego tells you negatively, there will be someone whom will adore exactly that. in art class the other day, another student, lis groenveld was to throw her art work away when i happened to blurt out how much i adored it! she gave it to me:)
i will treasure it


lisa said...

the video of your week is so magically wonderful♥♥ also am happy to see you are featured in the magazine ;)) nice answer to the "cafe, pub, or bar"? i would have chosen house too! emailing you tomorrow night~love xx

Alice Saga said...

ahhhh:))) thank you lovely! yes i was happy about the feature:) thanks for remembering:) we are spirit sisters:)) so of course you would have answered the same:) longing for your email:)!!! xxxxx

Life's a shoe said...

I love this post!