Friday, February 12, 2016

Alice Wonderland Pagan Poetry News & Some Ballet Wonders

a mock up o the front & back covers:)
pagan poetry
issue 1
pagan poetry magazine
i have news in regards to collaborators for my first issue:) one can read about the other contributors herehere & here!

this alice in wonderland story as styled by linda marina portman & illustrated/ painted by jenny tallberg will be featured:) it is so wonderful to have alice wonderland in issue 1 since my blog will turn 10 years old beginning of june:)
alice in wonderland

another collaboration between linda & jenny tallberg
the beauty wears prada
there will too be an interview with jenny tallberg together with newer things she has created.

another dear talent!!!
there will be an interview with her together with images of her recently created
cuteness dolls
helena oplakanska
 dresses perfection adorable

besides my pagan poetry news:

put up som new works on saatchi art

in early june will my blog turns 10 years old:) to celebrate this i am to create a book full of my most popular posts over all these years:)

"every person's
life is a
written by
god's fingers."

- hans christian andersen

next week i am starting a new project:)
i am to create a COOKBOOK full of delicious grain free, dairy free cookies, cakes & pastries. every wednesday i will bake something healthy delicious to devour and too photograph. all recipes will be healthy for our brains & gut but too kind to our animals & world.

i gave this advice to a lovely girl called annie the other day and even though i thought of her specifically when i wrote down these suggestions, i think most of the advice here would be good for just about anyone.
remember though:

one thing at a time

so maybe implement a new good habit a week or one a month?

today which is friday
always looks like this:)
i too wanna share the magic of my art teacher joanna mccormick:) if it was not for her i would be so lost. she gives me happiness wonders twice week!!!she lets us be. she lets us create. she has patience. she teaches. i know she has been working on this beautiful perfection art piece to her best friend for valentines:))) i hope she would let me share it with you.


a couple of images from todays class

of course it starts with a morning walk in the woods:)

 added some more to my ballerina wonders little short film:)) i am training for the dying swan moment. it will be part of my i am love self portrait that i am to create soon.

this weekend will only be focused on laying out my whole magazine
the first issue 
the faerie tales of violette
i call
pagan poetry
to be published sunday evening
the day of love
the 14th of february
also called
valentines day

i wish you an adorable weekend


lisa said...

Wow, a cookbook!!! ♥ looking forward to this kind deliciousness :)

Alice Saga said...

yes:))) for 1 year once a week on wednesday, i will bake something kind and delicious to devour but first photograph:))) then it will be 1 year of goodness:))) for our brains & gut!!! love to you lisa lily rose