Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pagan Poetry by The Faerie Tales of Violette Is Yeey PUBLISHED

issue 1

 can as of now be bought here:)))

this is how it looked working on it and finishing up the last bits on sunday the 14th of february, the day of love:)
faerie tales of violette
pagan poetry magazine

lauren saxton

alexander mcqueen

the faerie tales of violette

linda marina portman


our front & back covers 
back cover as created by lisa lily rose and front page by me

issue 2 which is my summer issue will be out june 22nd! i have so many ideas already. super excited. last night was writing down idea after idea so hardly got any sleep. 

lisa lily rose
i simply put
adore you

thanks SO much for sending me a valentines gift knowing that it is the day i start my new year:))) to celebrate it with me even though we are on different continents!!!

thank goodness you are part of 
the faerie tales of violette family
i feel so blessed and grateful that you entered my life
sending millions of love to you

of course
lots of love to you too
beautiful creatures readers


lisa said...

i love how you placed each gift piece against the violet floral background, so beautifully captured my heart♥♥♥

Alice Saga said...

thanks:)))) i hope you are having a beautiful week my spirit sister:))) xxx