Monday, March 28, 2016

A Magical Easter Weekend & Some Adorable Happenings

it's been a weekend mostly in solitude but as always full of magic beauty. i did go for  a soy latte with my friend elizabeth from art class though:))) the love whom gave me my love her name, sweet cheeks:))) aside from that wonder moment i have just created walks & art. plus going through old works together with someone adorable:))))) you'll see! hahaha.alice sagaan 


pagan poetry art

finally i got around to go through some self-portraits of mine:) the ones below (together with many many others), are to get some photoshop treatment soon. one day, one thing at a time though:) 
cherry blossom girl

cherry blossom girl

May Queen

alice saga

faeries of the flowers

i am a dream

a faerie of the flowers


i have fallen madly in love

this cat....!!! i can not even start to describe. one ordinary morning i was out ballet stretching in my garden...laying down i was and all of a sudden someone/ something was licking and stroking my face. the wonder was this love:))) ever since she has been visiting me. i adore i love i adore this wonder. 

yes my house is that of an artist so kind of crazyliy happily kind of house. together with a carpet full of paper thingies from creating image transfers:))) so excuse moi!!!

is she sheer perfection or what???

some magic to end 
here are some
works in progress:)))
mixed media art

create magic art beautiful creatures
alice solantania saga

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