Thursday, March 31, 2016


magic & love 

are two words for my 2016

i am working on a project full of 
magic faerie love 
ballerina faerie


alice saga
music sheet
the above music sheet is from a vintage thingy i found at st. christopher's hospice charity shop here in dulwich:))) using it for my mixed media art.

a now on my desktop
work in progress
alice solantania saga

this wonder. has transformed my life. i am madly deeply in love with her. i call her sweetness. she is not mine but she visits almost every day and stays with me for long periods of time. and she purrs. that love sound makes my life go around. i now am so sure of my needs for my future, it is such a strong desire and knowledge in terms of direction i can not even begin to describe.

daily life in east dulwich/ peckham:)))

here is someone

made of love
alice solantania saga
a happiness safe child i was:)))

we are all made out of love
never forget


not only is there märta & violette
in my thoughts
soon to give you another magic miracle
film still from 

the marriage was a great success
i seldom argued with my spouse
when i did
i always won

hahaha:)))) adore!!!

i am perfectly happy

tomorrow = a day with a simon:)))
kindness i am to receive 

alice solantania saga

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