Sunday, May 08, 2016

In Search of Beauty

it's been a week!

one full of exploration with my "new" camera:) i found this wonder at a garage sale here in east dulwich for £5. it was a sale arranged by such a cool couple living here. the treasure was a fully manual zenith made in moskow for the olympics in 1980. such history:)

 exploration of summer is too =a YES!!! summer finally arrived here in east dulwich. noone is happier than me (or so i believe). at the same time my magic is learning more & more. thanks partially because of a joanna. too probably because of my happy convictions... devouring the gift of life.


faith hope love



in search of beauty:)

some film stills:)
cherry blossoms

valentino dress

spring in dulwich

cherry blossom magic

cherry blossom girl

my dear loves
always look out for the angels:)
in search of beauty
freddie's flowers

yesterday i looked like a part in shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream:)
thanks to freddie's flowers:)

happy monday to you
beautiful creatures
alice solantania saga

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