Friday, May 13, 2016

The Golden Circle of Violette

3 goldens from today:)

when walking to my art class this morning, a girl sitting in a black bmw looked at me and wished me a beautiful day. just like that. with a big smile:))) happiness!

in art class...a bird flew in to our class room. first enjoying being inside with the sun streaming but soon scared of how to get outside. the happiness of it finding itself out to our world = wonders of relief

my fellow art student, michelle had printed out magic to me because she had simply put thought about me and knew i would love it. such kindness.

went to my art teachers art class at the union chapel church on wedenesday.
the theme was mixed media
created this:
angel love

in today's art class of joanna's
we discovered the world of water colors
here's a piece where i have added a beeswax finish
some photoshop magic:)
magic art

a work in progress
sister love 
mixed media

the love quote i am reading is a reference of ayn rand

some film stills:)
angel magic

angel magic


dog perfection

blossom ballerina

no make up in like forever 
but i am in A new dress
the green goddess i call her
mabel vintage

mabel vintage dress
freddie's flowers created my flower crown 

i wanna end my little blog post with the quote i am referencing in my golden circle film. it is create by the amazing ayn rand

the passion
love is....

love is a command to rise to ones highest potential
the best and noblest vision or ourselves
love is a reward
the greatest we can earn
granted to us
for the moral qualities we have achieved in our lives

tomorrow = ballet at pineapple
what is your happiness magic for our saturday?:)

stay gold
alice solantania saga

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