Thursday, June 09, 2016

and God said...LET THERE BE LIGHT:)

thank goodness right:)???

stay joyful with loads of hope
 adorable creatures

how is your week going? i hope you are filled with curious joy!

it is sunshine happiness here in london so i am devouring every single moment while creating creating creating. for the next 12 days i will  focus on our 2nd issue by the faerie tales of violette while of course too taking part in my art, ballet & rhythmic gymnastics classes with my morning walks that gives me such guidance & joy because of wonderful pod casts and right now harry potter and book 3.

this piece below was my visual moodboard to find my bible that is to take part in my faith hope & love project. now it's evolving and i am soon to put some magic finishing touches to it:)  yesterday i added some butterfly sunshine & some oil paint to this love and in a few days i will add some beeswax perfection finish on top of my angel wonders:))))
the golden circle of violette
 here is the work in progress
alice solantania saga
one can view an earlier version of my 
faith hope & love

remember a few weeks ago i finally learned how to use my zenith-e camera from moskow 1980 olympics?
i found it in a yard sale & cost me £5

fine art photography

zenith-e manual camera

me & my magic


fully manual camera
a special editon 
the moskow olympics 

i am wearing a vintage dress with my office green ballerinas

some treasures
that is to bring me closer to my
tasha tudor
having it 
being my way 
of course:)))

we do have dreams & visions, don't we?
tasha tudor

what would we do if we had not


some stills:)))
fox beauty

gardens in london

cat magic

today i have met beautiful people & tomorrow i am to devour another creativity class with my mentor joanna mccormick. printmaking is on the schedule!

like golden apples in silver settings, so is a word spoken at the right time

- the bible
proverbs 25:11

remember kindness always!

i wish you all abundance & happiness 
alice solantania saga

pagan poetry
the faerie tales of violette

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