Monday, June 13, 2016

An Angelic Swan Like Ocean Weekend Filled With Faerie Inspirations

my loves

how was your weekend? i hope it was full of love & happy times. i hope you devoured what you love doing. whatever that is for you, uniquely for you! my friday was art class learning the art of screen & mono printing. created such canvases to build upon.  saturday i was in the hands of simon, the wonder whom makes me feel beautiful again, creating wonders with my hair:)))) yesterday = my acrobatic gymnastics class where every week i meet such happy excited human beings. a new week started today and it began perfectly with joanna mccormick.

angel heaven beauty 

swan faerie magic
swan beauty

my garden at the moment:)))
do they know how pretty they are?
cat wonders

today's outfit:)
vintage vintage vintage

remember this dress???

strawberry girl
meet the strawberry girl

today was my face painting class but decided to continue working on some collages that are presently  works in progress:))
mixed media

 i always bring inspirations to my classes
faerie inspiraton

the golden circle of violette


 here are

 3 goldens:)))

the other day my day started with the new yorker and its podcast. oh my gosh, such hilarious intelligent fun. this radio hour started with a trial....cats vs dogs!! hahaha!!!

for me it was clearly about the magic
 cats cats cats


my love sue in my explore creativity class
thought of me
when seeing this
art piece as created
it was the first thing 
starting my saturday:)))
young woman walking by the field
young woman walking by the field


i discovered the faerie tale art 
meet cinderella
k y craft
i own 3 books as illustrated by this magically talented artist:)
look at that dress!
how i wish it was here with me right now

one year ago
was about to create
11th flower faerie
this was her outfit
but with bare flowing feet
see by chloe
see by chloe violette dress
vintage bangles & bow fabric 

i'll leave you with this

seize this very minute

seize this very minute
what you can do, or dream
you can, begin it;
boldness has genius, power
and magic in it

i wish you 
 lovely week


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