Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Magical Hope of Angels & Such Organic Wonders

such a day!!!

went to visit walworth garden farm today and a lovely tracey:) this place is sheer wonders! next week i am starting a gardening class with tracey as my teacher. super excited!!! as you may know, i am highly inspired by the wonders of tasha tudor...take a look below.

i created
a little collage 
mademoiselle tudor:)))
and her magical life
tasha tudor
all these images i have found on pinterest and have re-pinned them all here!

this week is dedicated to
 creating issue 2 
i am a f. w. 
as published by 
here is a peak 
works in progress
faerie tales of violette


 our front & back cover
issue 2
in section one some of my summer flower faerie self-portraits will be included with some faerie poetry:)))
here is a day from july of 2015
alice solantania saga

at the moment i am at all times living organically with zero make up. 
it's cute dresses with clean skin with days filled of making art. 

 happy inspirational times:)))
happy style

this time
this time
this time
i will
i will
i will
mixed media art

 faith hope & love
the golden circle of violette
mixed media angel art
the hope of angels

each morning...
watching these wonders grow up
on my daily walk watching these amazing creatures i have sometimes wondered where the dad is:))) this gentleman i usually meet right here early mornings pointed up, the dad is every day sitting up in the tree to make sure no enemies are to come, watching out for the babies:)))

such fascinating magic
our nature
bird babies

daily afternoon walks
peckham rye common
peckham rye common & its wild garden

keep true to the rare music in
your heart, to the marvellous and
unique form that is and shall
always be nothing else but you.

never forget
with love
alice solantania saga

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