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how are you all? 

i hope you are having a life filled with joy and not filled with worries. there are such terrors happening in the world of ours. such sadness. constantly. so it can easily makes us loose hope. this place here will always be dedicated to hope, love & joy. i think it's important. what if we all came from a place of love & joy? maybe to strive towards this will make our world a safer happier place? i truly hope so.  just to start with oneself. one step at a time!

of course

every morning now includes this wild flower garden within dulwich park. it's such magic. this morning i brought my zenith-e camera since it's such a blessed creature. it just creates magic:)

here is a photo by my samsung galaxy phone together with some photoshop play:)
dulwich park

alice saga

as you may know by now!
a start of 
tasha tudor
magic is happening:)))
again, one step at a time!

 a work in progress
mixed media
mixed media art

 created a little short for you to devour the wild flower garden i was mentioning above:) together with a tale of devouring our world, our nature our constant magic! 

a life of devouring joy
the faerie tales of violette
alice solantania saga

alice solantania saga

film still

film still

one of the days i looked like this
 vintage "nightgown" from the classic car boot sale
from one of their £1 bins:)))
antique cross necklace (gift from my mom)
bangles from screaming mimis
prada belt
office sandals

my dress above was bought for this purpose:))
 it was part of my faeries of the flowers series

dream with the dreamers and invent
things you never knew you had in you.
think with the thinkers and discover
ideas that mold who you are. smile at
strangers and make friends that last
a life time. laugh with friends and
let those memories burn through your
heart. travel with travelers and
explore a life beyond your imagination.
love only one, and grow old with your
best friend. let these things bring
fire to your soul. so when you look
back at your life, you'll have no
regrets. and you can leave this place,
better then when you found it.

friday i sent out our magazine to the magic creators contributing to
our second issue
the faerie tales of violette
i am a fucking wonder

 gymnastics class!!!
 i am getting better, well....everything is relative. at least progress is happening:)))
selfie happy
east london gym
i adore our teacher
(the one to the upper left dressed in black)

i am to be dressed like this 
inspiration from my timehop app!
2 years ago this outfit happened
anna sui top
top shop shorts
marc by marc jacobs barrette

i am SO looking forward to this week! tomorrow starts a 3 day art extravaganza class with my joanna. 3 full days of creating art! friday = developing film & getting a couple of more shoes for our summer. also, devouring the inner city. 

i'll leave you with some faerie magic

"i have eaten fairy bread
and i have drunk fairy wine
and i've danced in a fairy-ring
among the eglantine

the fairies have enchanted me
and that is how i know
when i look out upon the sea
where the waves blow

that it isn't any wind at all
that stirs them to a froth
but just a laughing elfin sprite
dancing the north

and that is how i always hear
down in the singing brook
a maiden's voice imprisoned where
the willows lean to look

and the willow, she's a princess
although she seems a tree
and all the flowers talk at night
just like you and me

this may seem strange to your mind
but it isn't strange to mine
for i have eaten fairy bread and
drunk the fairies wine."


i wish you hope love joy
alice solantania saga

if you have time
devour this
shirley temple

now & forever
this little girl
how can one be 

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