Thursday, July 14, 2016



how are you all? i hope you are having a colorful butterfly week:)!? 
please fill me in if you have the time

today was such a joyful day. 
thanks to a paul & tracey, the teachers of my garden class at walworth garden & farm.
well not only them but too some girls like lisa!!!! and a seejung....only god knows how to spell her name but it's how one pronounce it (in my world anyways) i got to plant beetroot, sage & something else. i am working on a little film covering our 5 weeks (i created a tiny movie from our 2nd class which  you can view here)

yesterday was such love with joanna at the union chapel. the theme/ subject of the day was that of van gogh. so joanna had brought sunflowers and some magic paint:) always the places where she teaches is full of wonderful human beings. such a treasure to devour. 

the camera cafe and getting some ballerinas and the adidas gazelle perfection sneakers. 
plus visiting some galleries. 
and yeeeey, sending out our second issue to our family of violette loves. to the wonders of dilka bear, jenny alexander, lisa lily rose (whom by the way is our faerie tale magic editor) paulina gora & simona candini. 
 so happy it's to have a new owner whom will actually be using it!

here is 
work in progress
the violette girl
mixed media art

these blooms
what on earth
such beauty
the nature of flowers
from my endless magic morning walks around dulwich

found a little notebook from 2008 which such doodles & thoughts. i paired some of the thoughts with a book of the works of robert browning, a book published in 1905. and it was a gift to someone in london 1922. someone has devoured these pieces of work back in 1922. is that not magic? such history. i am to devour. such things to discover in the world of charity shops.
personal thoughts

i never fancied, jewel - i profess you!
bright i see and soft i feel the outside of a flower.
save but glow inside and - jewel, i should guess you,
dim to sight and rough to touch: the glory is the dower.

you, forsooth, a flower? nay, my love, a jewel-
jewel at no mercy of a moment in your prime!
time may fray the flower-face: kind be time or cruel,
jewel, from each facet, flash your laugh at time!

the faerie tales of violette

this week
giambattista valli
fall 2016
haute couture
giambattista valli
such beauties
(images from

i hope 
the family of violette's
will treasure
grateful for everyones contribution 
faerie tales of violette

with love
the violette girl

alice solantania saga


Jeremy Clutson said...

Stan Smith. Not Gazelle.

Jeremy Clutson said...

Stan Smith. Not Gazelle.