Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Life - Faith Hope Love

hey beautiful creatures:)))

how are you? i know you are reading my little blog posts. i'd love to hear from you:)!?to connect!

anyways, today has been such wondrous. a lovely girl, paris, is now part of my life and i feel so blessed. will let you all know more soon.

i was meant to meet my love lisa after paris but life always shift for you so i took that time to devour another podcast episode of malcom gladwell, i can SO highly recommend his work. every single episode is a diamond. to expand ones mind & knowledge of our world. lisa will happen next week:))) i adore her so much. 

wanna show you some of my works that i am currently perfecting

here is my
alice pavlova magic
mixed media art
 the above is a self portrait from my series i am a dream that i create an image transfer upon a lovely wallpaper. and put into photoshop:)

here is a mixed media piece
work in progress
part of my
the golden circle of violette
mixed media art

another from the same project
this is an image transfer of my beloved grand parents. the angels are with them now in heaven. and my grandfather is still looking after me:))) they were so young here. such beauties. to ever have such unconditional love again, please?
now surrounded by angels in heaven
if i am ever to commit
the love 
my grandfather was capable of
if this would come near me
ever again
i would say YES

a last
piece of mixed media
faith hope love
mixed media
faith hope love

developed some images from my july
as shot with my zenith-e camera
from the 
moskow olympics 1980:)))

these ones has not been worked on 
still so beautiful right?

here is
my garden :))
the gardens east dulwich
usually a fox family hangs here:)))
this diamond is not that scared so there is time to take a photo
of this
the gardens east dulwich

flowers from peckham rye common
peckham rye common

its wild garden:)))
summer wild garden
such beauty right?

i did devour a gardening class in june & july
at the 
woolworth garden & farm
here is where i met my love lisa!
summer in london

walworth garden

obviously since i named my blog after the magic of alice in wonderland i save ALL inspirations i possibly can find on pinterest.

here are a few antique covers of the fairy tale:)))
alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland
so i hope the source can be tracked:)))

my weekend will be photography, ballet & acrobatic gymnastics. how are you to spend your valuable time? if you wish to share, please do:)

each thought is an investment that
pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely.
you have the power to choose your thoughts
and align them with love, peace, and harmony.
at your request, we will gladly attune your
energies to higher frequencies.

always choose 

faith hope love

alice solantania saga

baby angels

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