Monday, August 08, 2016

A Hope For Love Joy & Wonders


how are you? i wish you had a joyful weekend!? 

here in my world, it's been way too adventurous. my mantra is constantly at the moment: life happens for me. i just wanna experience love joy & wonders! always, magic creatively. simple.

as i understand
a birth is happening though:) 

saturday i went to a creativity photography class 
these 3 images
flower heaven

bee wonders

wild flower garden
sunday i took time out since i do not feel well. reflection was needed!

i love timehop
always helping me with memories:)
two years ago, 
i assisted on my sister's shoot which she styled for crash magazine which she then was one of its fashion editors.
photography by elanor hardwick
faerie tales of violette

faerie tales of violette

another platform i love is
i found more 
 tasha tudor
the other day
have been for months now
tasha tudor

tasha tudor

tasha tudor

tasha tudor

bethany tudor

tasha tudor
such a beautiful life

all the above images from the website 

exploring the life of my canon camera
here is a start of my tasha journey:)
a life journey
the magic of camera shake
looks like double exposure right?

i wanna end my little blog post with the quote i am referencing in my golden circle film (which can be devoured in this blogpost). it is create by the amazing ayn rand

the passion
love is....

love is a command to rise to ones highest potential
the best and noblest vision or ourselves
love is a reward
the greatest we can earn
granted to us
for the moral qualities we have achieved in our lives

stay kind
alice solantania saga

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