Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

devour everything passionately
of course;0)!

hey beautiful creatures

i hope you had a joyful weekend with a magic start of a new month.
have you done anything creative and fun?

my weekend:

saturday i went to a poetry class by south bank poetry and its lovely katherine lockton.  focus was on myth. wrote my 3rd & 4th poem:) so happy about the 4th one which is based upon the myth of the swan maiden, i am reading it at the end of my little (very amateurish) documentary about our july:) it's called the princess swan. sunday was gymnastics, i am improving:))) i can finally do my  free handstand for several seconds and am not so scared anymore about jumping and do a flip.

other from that
put some more touches to some work in progress while putting some of them in photoshop
 like these 2 below:)))
alice solantania saga
the art work above is a collaborative project by me, linda & violette
so me = photography
linda styled ilda
and violette created this mixed media art piece
i have taken it further into photoshop:)

the image below is a self-portrait from my series
i am a dream

an obsession
harry potter 
at the end of book 4 now:)

if you have only seen the movies, i can HIGHLY recommend the audio books as read by stephen fry. it's an endless source of magical inspiration.

3 goldens:)
(see some other's here & here)

a close up
dilka bear's
dilka bear

the princesses
lauren saxton
fair rosamund art
(read an interview with her here)
fair rosamund art

soko & lily-rose depp
the rivalry of
 loïe fuller 
isadora duncan
i can not WAIT for this movie since i adore both loïe fuller (recommending a book here) & isadora duncan and i had no idea about this drama. actually my first ever school paper was about isadora duncan:)
i think its release is 28th of september in france

here in my world
on the other hand
created a little movie
the life of an amateur documentary maker:)))

some film stills

alice saga

anaïs nin

baby birds

baby birds double exposure

wild flower garden

sweetness cat

cat magic

holy bible

flower crown

antique and porcelain dolls

face painting art class

art school

walworth garden farm

walworth garden farm happiness

walworth garden farm

summer flowers

summer flowers double exposure

summer flower wild garden

an artist house

antique and porcelain dolls

fairy tale books

peacock face paint

face paint peacock

poetry class

fairy tale double exposure

mixed media art

angels faith hope love

the faerie tales of violette

tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

- mary oliver

something to ponder

alice solantania saga

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