Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An Alchemist Magic Universe Filled with Waterlily Joy & Love


how is your week? i hope joy is a present!

in my world...trying to just live in the present. the perfect book has arrived, one that i have planned to read for a very long time but now was acutally the perfect moment:) have you read the alchemist by paul coelho? oh my lord! such teachings. we are love! lessons on how to manage life in a fairy type tale. the version found on audible and as read by jeremy irons = gold!

a child can teach an adult three things:
to be happy for no reason,
to always be busy with something,
and to know how to demand 
with all his might
that which he desires.

next week my art classes will start again:))) the other day though, joanna (my teacher) held an open day and of course i was the first one there. created while devoured her advice for almost 3 hours.
actually tomorrow she will be teaching at the union chapel in north east london, which is for free while meeting other lovely people! there is too coffee and cake. i think tomorrow will be all about color color color.

the other day though:)
art school peckham
finally creating again
art school southwark

i think this piece is finally finished:)
 see this work above? well then it was only a works in progress
mixed media art
so, jessie as photographed by me and styled by my sister linda. jessie wears a dress by peter jensen! it's a digital photo which i created an image transfer of, then i added some acrylics and children's paints to frame. then the other day with joanna i used encaustic art with some violette shades pigments. came home and added some pearl white oil paints and some pink make up glitters from the £ shop. photographed it before putting it in the magic world of photoshop:)

here are some works in progress
not sure what to do next !?
mixed media

angel faith

mixed media
a tiny part of my house at the moment:)
fashion, antiques, dolls, books, music sheets and such thingies
artist house
a kind of family

antique doll
on my way home from art school

girl squad
on my way to acrobatic gymnastics


artist outfit
simon at stunt dolly who does my hair told me about the washing out hair color directions, he knew i wanted to go pale violette. i am in love:) AND it is SO cheap, i think it cost £1.99!

dress & bangles are vintage
h&m sunnies
antique cross
sandals by salt water 

i am love preparation

i have 6 editions/ books filled with illustrations & photographs from shakespeare's plays.
such A treasure.

am devouring now

will happen next summer

see, dear, what thy lover brings;
this the flower with the white wings.
buoyed upon the quiet stream
in the spring it lay dream.

homelike to bestow this guest,
lodge it, dear one, in thy breast;
there its leaves the secret keep
of a wave both still and deep.

child, beware the tarn0fed stream;
danger, danger, there to dream!
though the sprite pretends to sleep,
and above the lilies peep.

child, by the bosom is the stream;
danger danger, there to dream!
though above the lilies peep,
and the sprite pretends to sleep.

 with a water-lily
henrik ibsen

faith hope love
alice solantania saga

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