Wednesday, September 07, 2016

love is a command to rise to ones highest potential - ayn rand

hey beautiful creatures

i so hope you are all doing well. here in london we are having such a summery start of fall. today = 25 degrees:) even though a lot of things are happening that i truly do not want, i find blessings in the fact that my art classes are to begin:))) to see my art teacher twice a week, will improve everything regardless of what happens to me/ for me! oh and YES, my lovely friend sue shared some faerie tale perfection which i am to share with you soon:)))

i so miss my sweetness though,
 since i have not seen her for days:(((

i wanna share this wisdom
as created by the amazing
ayn rand
which i am referencing in my golden circle of violette film
 which can be devoured  in this blogpost:)

the passion

love is....

love is a command to rise to ones highest potential
the best and noblest vision of ourselves
love is a reward
the greatest we can earn
granted to us
for the moral qualities we have achieved in our lives

- ayn rand

picked up some holga images i created this past spring. 
worked on this one in photoshop,
 which is a triple exposure:)

double exposure

some loves from my spring 16 flowery angel adventures
analogue photography

3 goldens:)))
a guardian angel
this angel:) this love of protection. 
as created by 
howard david johnson

the beauty of sisterhood

mixed media
angel of dreams

if you know anyone to credit for the 2 images above, please email me ok:)!?

john lennon

i belive in everything until it's disproved.
so i believe in fairies, the myths and dragons.
it all exists, even if it's in you mind.
who's to say that dreams
and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?

cherry blossom girl
please dear god in the heavens hold on to me as i am holding on to you

the above self-portrait is one of my first ever taken. my cherry blossom girl. love me!
some images of my beginning:)

now a blessing:)))

every morning this creature gets to know & trusts me more and more
in such a cuteness magical way

what shall we name her?
baby fox london
this morning at 5am
a beatrix potter faerie tales of violette 
kind of
tiny world:)))

stay true to your
magic touch
we all have our own unique selves
never forget
stay kind

alice solantania saga

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