Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A Flowery Child in Time Magic Beginning

happy wednesday to you all:)

how are you doing? how is fall happening for you? here in london it's been delicious weather wise:) today though it seems rain rain rain is to happen, but i am to keep my smiles up with delicious coffee at my new fave place in bermondsey which will make sure of this:) also the fact that i am again feeling like i am actually creating again = i am alive:))) gratefulness comes out of that. now there are only those slippery slopes days to fix. 

oh and a trump is now a president. how on earth did this happen? i guess the only thing we can do is to start here in our own little community to try a change, with kindness! to fight for a fair society where in the end it will be less anger and more of an equal level of quality of life for us all, not only spared for a few. empathy! i was gonna say that this is not a political blog but actually that is not true since life & society IS politics. 
the lovely rob bell created a wonderful podcast episode 

as of in my life though
picked up my new photos as created late this summer/ early fall!
the theme of my fall 
wild flowers

art class with my dear teacher
she is the creator of that lovely watercolored leaf
with some cuteness magic notes to go with
joanna mccormick
yesterdays class was such fun
joanna mccormick
patience is certainly needed when drawing/ painting flowers:)
art school

art school

the below photo is from friday's art class which covered abstract art. learned techniques that of pollock and rothko as taught by joanna.
art school


thomas carlton adult school

as always brought my disney notebooks! 
was given a gift by sue, 
she was visiting her family in wales
 where she found this lovely heart that is so tasha tudor like:))) 
the gesture
warmed my heart
monday i took a walk to nunhead cemetery. it was such a lovely day. i just love the victorians.
nunhead cemetery

coffee time:)))
petitou cafe
finally have a couple of places where i devour its coffee and crowd!!!
fuckoffee in bermondsey
petiou in peckham
petitou cafe

georgia o'keefe
whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, 
there is no such thing.
making your unknown known is the important thing.

found this quote in my art school/ class
- georgia o'keefe 

faerie tales of violette news:)))

as you may know i have started working seriously on our 3rd issue, child in time as created by me for the faerie tales of violette! i am so happy to announce that the talented photographer/ artist
 katie eleanor 
will be part of our family from now on.
a taste to devour of her work:
katie eleanor

katie eleanor

katie eleanor
 the magic of katie eleanor:)))

i have a couple of more announcements to make in regards to collaborators of our next issue:) for this though you will have to wait until my next little blog post:)

a need now:)))
encyclopedia of flowers
art words
went to a meeting at the wonderfully inspiring book/ magazine store in shoreditch, art words and found this amazingly beautiful book! fits with the botanical theme of my week does it not?

wanna leave you with this:)))
such inspirations!
the other day i created this inspiration board
which i named
 the faerie tales of our princesses
magic by alice saga
such loves right:)? 
all images in my board are saved in my pinterest account
some of the wonders though are created by the artsits: dilka bear, k y craft, lauren saxton, paulina gora, yishu wang, susan wheeler and me!

faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

a tiny thingy more:)
playing with  this new!?app videorama
buckingham palace and the thames

on my way pavlova style to perform one of our magic performances at the castle;0)!!!

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