Tuesday, April 11, 2017


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are you there god? it's me alice
(referencing the book by judy blume "are you there god? it's me margaret")

the above in a tiny way represents these 2 past weeks! 
summer day suddenly happened the other day. such happiness joy. i can finally see the beauty that has sprung up so suddenly, the starkness of winter was filled with being lost not knowing what to expect and now that fear is gone since beauty is starting to flowering.

in search of beauty


 cultivating my garden as best i can
what is it i am to do with my one wild & precious life?
the daily question for my morning pages



the angel
victorian cemetery
 nunhead cemetery
this space is where i got married 5 times
 in one month
corpse bride alice would be me

epping forest
epping essex

cherry blossoms epping essex
epping town

high beach church
holy innocents
holy innocents

epping forest

another one image from my
tuvstarr series
fine art photography

a home of mine
alice saga
 created this calendar of 2017 as a gift to my mom & aunt for christmas:)

porcelain dolls
when will you finally learn violette? that one can have the cake and it it too in this life;0)!
- alice amorina solantania saga

meet teskedsgumman violette:)
artist home

 this harper's bazaar issue with lindsey wixson on the cover
the magical world of spring faerie tale beauty
perfection inspiration, for once...finally, in the world of our fashion magazines
harpers bazaar

nature everywhere

cherry blossoms roses


my friend who i am blessed as having as a neighbour:) an artist and art teacher. such joy this man is in my life. we create, have coffee/ tea & walks in nature together:)
he seemed to like this tree. whatever!!!
his drawing? superb.
(image 9)
hallelujah do i have a lot to learn/ practice.
artist drawing

epping essex

a couple of weeks ago i went to my art teacher and mentor's (i see her as such a positive role model, a model of joy and  progressiveness for the better) joanna mccormick's, exhibition at westminister's reference library. oh such beauty of hers. the magic of the blue roses.
here's some images
from her
floral anthology
joanna mccormick art
 fell in love
joanna mccormick

joanna mccormick

joanna mccormick

here's me as princesse tuvstarr
my personal journey & recovery
one started in february of 2014


my self portrait series started in late march of 14 beginning with my cherry blossom girl story. 
tuvstarr came alive in december of 14 lasting until january of 15.
am re-working former works, cultivating my garden of what is there already is what i can do now, that is what i'll do. finding beauty in all that i already have. blessings & gratitudes.

warmth is happening and looked like this the other day
vintage style
vintage sunnies, blouse & skirt
antique cross necklace
primark hoodie
prada belt
office ballerinas

you are an artist of the spirit.
find yourself and express
yourself in your own
particular way.
express your love openly.
life is nothing but a dream
and if you create your life
with love, your dream becomes
a masterpiece of art.

are you there god? it's me alice!
faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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