Monday, May 15, 2017

Magic Flower Faeries & Some Heavenly Earthly Trinities

hey wonderful people:)

how's your new week of may? i hope it's all good💜

here in wonderland, still on the same journey of playing around with my self-portraits:) learning all kinds of photoshop programs! going slightly mad once in a while:))) in a good way that is. another journey that i am very happy about is my friendship with matthew. it has added such joy to my daily existence. i am still so sad about not having sweetness around anymore. but i do know that i am to have a family of kitties soon that i can call my own:) that is for the future💜
fine art photography
 the bluebelle faerie twins💙

the trinity faeries

another version slightly or rather a lot more abstract:)
a trinity heaven
alice saga

that you are here -
that life exists, and identity;
that the powerful play goes on,
and you will contribute a verse.

- walt whitman
 leaves of grass

the nippy tippy faerie:)
alice saga

as i mentioned in my former blogpost i created all my flower faeries in richmond.
one place was kew gardens:)
kew gardens

kew gardens richmond

here is a spread i created for the swedish church magazine in london:) kyrkobladet. image & tiny poem by me! the magic of the cherry blossoms and such😊

a home that is constantly evolving. the only thing i need now is another table, for art work creations. too put some more magic up on my walls:) 
here's a section in my little flat:)
alice saga

here's another:)
alice saga

the heavenly and earthly trinities
bartolomé esteban murillo
as hung at the national portrait gallery in london
the above painting is such an inspiration to me. earthly heavenly trinities. the golden circle. faith hope love. the number 3💜

i came across this tiny film i created about a year ago. my love for sweetness breaks my heart now. i know i am to just feel greatness for her presence, all she gave me when i needed it the most.
here's sweetness and a cutie foxie:)

and since i came across the above a down the rabbit hole happened😊
a july 2016

alright beauties:) 
faith hope & love to you all
alice amorina solantania saga


Bluebell said...

I have had the Bluebell Fairie, as drawn by Brian Froud, on my back for years. I have been a delighted girl, praising every drop of sunshine kind enough to come my way, and I would dance, always, when it rained. But an awful sadness has fallen over me. I have felt lost at sea with no stars; even the moon has been hiding her face. I just found your blog, and though I feel as if it may be a mirage in the distance that I will never reach, you showed me wonderfully flowering hope, and I am crying, and maybe it is just my turn to rain so that others might dance below. But I had to say thank you. I had almost forgotten how the sunshine feels, or at least to have stars to hang my wishes on. Thank you for this hope of one day having hope at all.

Alice Saga said...

bluebell! such a poetic little message. such beauty. i wish you joy! to come join you. such beauty with such sadness. faith hope love to you/ alice

Alice Saga said...

such a beautiful drawing:)