Monday, May 22, 2017


there was this tiny little world called the faerie tales of violette. a magic space filled with faerie creatures. working for faith hope love at all times together with all the beautiful angels. 

i have such ideas. to be continued:)))

just finished the 2nd book of miss peregrine's peculiar children, hollow city, and i am in love. i hope hope hope there is a third book!?
 will google that.

my monday:)
 it has been the best monday, or shall i say best day in a very long time, EVER!:))) i am feeling such happiness joy relief possibilities a new beginning a new life. wish me luck.

oh and the mr. dimple guy gave me the cutest smile yesterday when meeting in the middle of the forest:))) he is SO CUTE!!! had me day dream all this morning!!! hallelujah:)😉😍

 i have continued working on my faeries of the flowers self-portrait series i created the summer of 2015. learning techniques, learning the way i like doing things.

 faeries of the flowers
alice saga

alice saga

alice saga

alice saga

alice saga

alice saga

i think i have created some stationary:) for special letters to loved ones:)
don't you agree?
i can see victorian font on this page:)

had to create a little logo:)

looking like this while out walking in the early afternoons:)
 school girl dress from sainsbury's and its tu line
primark hoodie
office ballerinas

facebook reminds daily of earlier special moments on ones life:) love it! 
here is piet:) a lovely wonderful girl i styled some years back when i lived in stockholm.
styled by me
photographer: martina olsson
model: piet at elite stockholm (if she is still there!?)
she was the cutest clown ever!!!!
she is wearing a dress by a then student of beckmans! can not for my life remember the name of this talented girl!!!such a magic dress.

on a portrait

oh, mystery of beauty! who can tell
thy mighty influence? who can best descry
how secret, swift, and subtle is the spell
wherein the music of thy voice doth lie?

here we have eyes so full of fervent love,
that but for lids behind which sorrow's touch
doth press and linger, on could almost prove
that earth had loved her favourite over much.

a mouth where silence seems to gather strength
from lips so gently closed, that almost say,
"ask not my story, lest your hear at length
of sorrows where sweet hope has lots its way."

and yet the head is borne so proudly high,
the soft round cheek, so splendid in its bloom,
true courage rises thro' the brilliant eye,
and great resolve comes flashing thro' the gloom

oh, noble painter! more than genius goes
to search the key-note of those melodies,
to find the depths of all those tragic woes, 
tune thy song right and paint rare harmonies.

genius and love have each fulfilled their part,
and both unite with force and equal grace,
whilst all that we love best in classic art
is stamped for ever on the immortal face.

jula margaret camereon
september, 1875

such beauty

faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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